June 2010 ATCs & ACEOs




Exciting NEWS!!!!

I am now the Director of Design for Saddle Talk News!

My dream when I graduated with my degree in Graphic Design was to work on a magazine. The reality of it though is there are thousands upon thousands of Graphic Designers/Artists and only a few hundred magazines to work on.

I have been blessed that the opportunity to work on a magazine has come my way. I am now the Co-Owner and Director of Design of a new horse magazine for West Tennessee & Kentucky called “Saddle Talk News!” This publication is offered free to our following and as a result may be read in its entirety by download at the following site –  http://saddletalknews.com/

January – May 2010 ATCs & ACEOS


The rest of 2009

Every artist goes thru their own version of “writer’s block” and this is no exception for me. The rest of 2009 was very slow and difficult for me artistically BUT I am overjoyed to say it is over!!!!! Here are the few cards I made between April through December.


February ATCs & ACEOs

Of course it isn’t the end of the month yet, but this is what I have done so far. I will edit this post at the end of the month with any additional pieces I may do. (now updated – March 1, 2009)

antiquetypewriter-2-09-copy leopard-2-09-copy1 unicorninthemists-2-09-copy

attitudmermaid-2-09-copy bell-mushrooms-2-09-copy contortionist-2-09-copy helllooootoast-2-09-copy 

icewater-2-09 maltesetigereye-2-09-copy poppy-2-09-copy ringtaillemur-2-09-copy watersprite-2-09-copy

coneflowers-2-09-copy impressionistbes-2-09-copy gothic-carnival-2-09-copy redhairedskelliewbat-2-09-copy pumpkin-2-09-copy1

January ATCs & ACEOs

blizzard-1-09-copy bluewhitewinter1-1-09-copy bluewhitewinter2-1-09-copy bluewhitewinter3-1-09-copy daydreaming-1-09-copy 

floatingfrond-1-09-copy mutedhuesblues-1-09-copy mutedhuesflower-1-09-copy mutedhuesgold-1-09-copy mutedhuespeach-1-09-copy 

red-sunset-tree-1-09-copy warmface-1-09-copy sunkoi-1-09-copy felthearts-1-09-copy mixedmediahearts-1-09-copy

December ATCs & ACEOs

I had to move unexpectedly this month so I am really surprised I have any to show. Enjoy!

clydesdale-12-08-copy tree-frog-12-08-copy

crftyscrapper-cindyvasquez-theelements-12-08-copy  oneacorn-12-08-copy tropicalfish-12-08-copy 

Gothic Arches

These were made for a swap on ATCsforall.com in November 2008.

I really enjoyed making these and am signed up for another swap of gothic arches due soon.

gothic-arch-1-copy1 gothic-arch-7-12-08-copy gothic-arch-2-11-08-copy 

gothic-arch-3-12-08-copy gothic-arch-6-12-08-copy gothic-arch-5-12-08-copy gothic-arch-4-12-08-copy

November ATCs & ACEOs

castlesilhouette-11-08-copy coffee-11-08-copy gold-fabric-11-08-copy keytotime-11-08-copy ladybug-11-08-copy mermaid-princess-11-08-copy redkeyhole-11-08-copy summernight-11-08-copy yellow-gold-fabric-swap-11-08-copy

October ATCs & ACEOs


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